Friday, April 21, 2006

world geography

Spencer has always enjoyed staring at the giant world map on the wall every evening while getting into PJs. But now that he's getting older we (geeky parents that we are) add in some timely geography lessons. When he was captivated watching the Olypmics (namely curling!) we showed him where Italy was and now he too states the obvious "it looks like a boot!" And when the Peter, Paul & Mommy CD was in the truck for a few weeks in a row and he was learning "Puff the Magic Dragon" we showed him where to find Hanalei. But, I think the recent international trips for Jim and me really helped bring it all home in his mind. In March he learned to identify India while I was there, and all this week he has been telling me and showing me on the map that "daddy is in Amsterdam!" As cute as that is, I can't wait until this weekend to hear him exclaim "daddy came back from Amsterdam!"

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