Saturday, January 27, 2007


Last January Spencer learned about the solar system at school, and shortly after that came the stunning announcement that Pluto was no longer considered a planet. We decided not to share this news with Spencer. And I was secretly hoping that before the subject rolled around again at school this year that perhaps the scientific community would reverse their decision. We know that has not happened, and yesterday Spencer proudly brought home a solar system mobile - sans Pluto! We put it next to the solar system project from last year, but so far he hasn't commented on its absence. I'm still hoping that Pluto might be re-elevated and right things in Spencer's world because I doubt he will be as amused by the new word Plutoed as the rest of us.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"our bed"

Spencer doesn't sleep with us. He never has. But in the past few months, post transition to the toddler bed, he nows comes into our room when he wakes up during the night. And he complains of having a bad dream and then announces, "I just want to sleep here in our bed." Um, no Spencer. This is OUR bed. The first time we heard it at 3:00am Jim and I cracked up, but it is not so funny any more.

Friday, January 19, 2007

he's not two any more

This morning Spencer sweetly came in to wake me up as he does most mornings, but today he had some pretty bad breath. We love our babies through all of the perfunctory nastiness like poop and boogers, and I did manage to smile back when he said "good morning, i love you" just two inches from my nose. But man, it did not smell good. (Let me go on record, which I feel I need to after my earlier post, and say that brushing teeth every morning and evening is not something we have relaxed on.) I'm told we're just a few years a way from truly stinky sports gear too. Sigh. I think some of his baby cute-ness is starting to lose an edge.

Monday, January 08, 2007

letting go

I remember having a conversation with a co-worker last year about our kids. At the time, Spencer was two, and her boys were three and one. She was saying how things seemed easier the second time around, but mostly because she was much more relaxed. "You know, as long as they get baths every couple of days it's all good." I thought smugly to myself "my son gets a bath EVERY day." Well, now that Spencer and I are both older and wiser, I too know that the world doesn't crumble if Spencer doesn't get a bath every day. We got home late after temple Friday night and skipped bath, then skipped again on Saturday because we stayed out late for a play date and dinner with friends. Last night I finally got a chance to scrub him up good, wash his hair, swab the gunk out of his ears, etc. and it made me happy to have a clean, good-smelling child to tuck in to bed. But, I no longer worry if that doesn't happen every day.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Friday

Today was a good day for Spencer and me. After inviting an old Rice friend to meet us for dinner before Shabbat services this evening, she reversed the invitation and we joined her plans to meet up with four other moms who each had their own three year olds. I was initially embarrassed inside the restaurant as Spencer turned screechy and clingy and kept whining that he wanted to eat while sitting on my lap. What??? When has my child ever sat on my lap to eat a meal? Why would that thought occur to him? I know I shouldn't care so much, but I couldn't help but feel we were making an awful first impression. By the time we finished eating and wandered over to TCBY, he had made fast friends. The kiddos were all really well behaved at temple, I can't help but think that we all dodged a bullet by filling them up with sugar beforehand.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007

I should just re-title this blog a monthly update, because that is all I seem to manage any more. I do think about blogging almost every day, wanting to share Spencer's antics and accomplishments (like reciting the blessings for the hanukkah candles!) In the last month he has gone ice skating and bowling twice, and even used the potty at a friend's house without announcing it until the fact. He has become intrigued with the concept of rhymes and after a few stumbled attempts like "puppy dog" rhymes with "uppy dog!" he did get the hang of using actual words, but it's been a fun road.

And then there are the many, many things I don't blog about. How life with Spencer can be unbelievably frustrating. That when we think he is playing nicely with a game and we find out he has jumped on its box and mangled the corners. Or snapping his sunglass stems off the frame for the umpteenth time. And we always make him ride home complaining and squinting into the sun before repairing them for our next ride, but the consequences don't sink in. Or letting chewed food fall out of his mouth at the dinner table while he laughs. Grrr. But reading this post made me feel much better that even on my bad days I'm not alone.