Saturday, August 19, 2006

"that makes sense"

Earlier this week I was having lunch with a friend and recounted the funniest moment from our trip to Pittsburgh. Even though we earned an extra hour moving from Central to Eastern time, we were still back at the hotel by 8:00pm each night to give Spencer a bath and put him to bed. His portable crib was in the same room with us, so Jim and I had some quiet reading time while he was falling asleep. Or, at least that was the plan. Spencer was so thrilled to have a captive audience and talked to us for quite a while.
"mommy, are you wearing your pj's?"
"daddy, is your light on?"
"this is a different crib with teddy bear sheets."
Eventually that gave way to talking to his bedtime buddies"
"puppy, would you like to do a somersault?"
"come here lion, i will cover you."
And finally he was down to talking out loud to himself, and it was this conversation which brought tears to mine and Jim's eyes as we quietly laughed so hard.
"we are in pittsburgh now."
"soon we will go back to houston."
"houston is very far away."
"we should take an airplane to get there."
"that makes sense."

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