Monday, January 08, 2007

letting go

I remember having a conversation with a co-worker last year about our kids. At the time, Spencer was two, and her boys were three and one. She was saying how things seemed easier the second time around, but mostly because she was much more relaxed. "You know, as long as they get baths every couple of days it's all good." I thought smugly to myself "my son gets a bath EVERY day." Well, now that Spencer and I are both older and wiser, I too know that the world doesn't crumble if Spencer doesn't get a bath every day. We got home late after temple Friday night and skipped bath, then skipped again on Saturday because we stayed out late for a play date and dinner with friends. Last night I finally got a chance to scrub him up good, wash his hair, swab the gunk out of his ears, etc. and it made me happy to have a clean, good-smelling child to tuck in to bed. But, I no longer worry if that doesn't happen every day.

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