Friday, November 04, 2005

23 months!

Holy cow, Spencer is 23 months old. I can't believe that he has been a part of our lives for that long. I know it's hackneyed to say, but where did the time go??

I haven't even blogged about the fact that it's been about a month or so now that Spencer can FINALLY say his name! Yeah! It comes out sounding like "ehn-sur" but that is head and shoulders above the earlier pronunciation of "bobbin!" It's even funnier to hear him talk about himself in the third person. "Spencer did it!" or "Those are Spencer's shoes!"

Speaking of talking, Spencer has been cracking us up lately with the sentences he puts together. Monday he was watching me cook and when he spied the gas flame on the stove he said "No, no touch fire! Might be hot! Hurt Spencer!" And when I brought dinner to the table in a large serving bowl and Spencer's eyes got real wide as he said "That's a big bowl! Be careful!" Um, ok Spencer, we'll be careful with the big bowl. Despite the fact that he reiterates our warnings, the kid really has no fear. I'm just trying to brace myself for what lies ahead when he becomes a ulta-mobile, and fast, two year-old.

And at teh risk of creating a circular reference, I thought it was cool that Blogging Baby actually cited me for giving them a lead.

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