Sunday, November 06, 2005

where did it go?

One of our favorite games to play with Spencer is to ask him to find something. He's a quick study, and has recently turned the tables and now asks us to find something which he has hidden. But there is one flaw - Spencer is lousy at 'hiding' things. Last week in the bathtub he held one of his brightly colored neoprene letters under the surface of the water to 'hide' it and asked Jim "where'd the Z go?" Uh, Spencer, it's still in plain sight. He certainly gets the idea, but details are still lacking. And yesterday morning he wandered into the kitchen with his hands behind his back and asked me "where'd the flashlight go?" But he failed to realize that the flashlight he was holding was ON and was shining on the floor. Another good try, buddy! It's funny now, but I have a feeling that he'll get really good at this game pretty soon and our stuff may end up hidden in some pretty strange places!
Monday morning update: Spencer came in the bathroom and stuck his finger in the middle of the bristles on a brush he was holding and asked "where'd the finger go?"

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