Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Big day!

Monday started off with a laugh as I entered Spencer's room in the morning and found him standing up in his crib just wearing a diaper. He apparently had unzipped his footed fleecey sleeper and it was down around his ankles! We laughed about it together, and then started getting ready for another big day: Spencer's first day in a new classroom at school with two year-olds! There was a note attached to his daily report last night that said Spencer had a super first day! He only cried for about a minute, and was (again) featured in line time as he was introduced to the other kids in the class, and overall had a great day! That made us feel great! Our little guy is growing up!!

I had hoped to finish the day with a laugh too, and was bummed that "How I Met Your Mother" was a repeat.

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