Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Two years ago this evening Spencer joined our lives, and we can hardly recall how things were before he was here with us! The celebrations began at school on Friday with their traditional globe ceremony. It was such a great feeling as a mom to see Spencer be the focus of attention during line time, and also to watch him help the earth move around the sun two times. The teachers decorated the tables with birthday messages, and he had a wonderful birthday crown to wear too!

This morning, after Spencer opened some presents from mom, grandma, and cousins, and after he put away a tremendous portion of challah french toast, he and Jim went to the party store to pick up balloons for the big day. And Spencer was very specific about which ones he wanted: a sparkly purple star, and big football, and a green one with lots of 2's on it! Interesting assortment, but it made Spencer happy! The fun continued into the afternoon at his party - something he's been talking about all week! A group of his friends joined him in celebrating, and Spencer's face lit up as each one entered the room! When the candles were glowing and everyone sang "happy birthday," Spencer knew that it was for him, and he was so, so happy. I know this party is something he'll definitely be talking about for a long time! And in case he forgets, the birthday photo album can certainly job his memory.

Happy Birthday Spencer! Your mommy and daddy love you so much!!

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