Monday, July 10, 2006

back in TX

It was a fun time in NY for the week of the 4th. Spencer got to go back to the Burns Center a few times to see his favorite sculpture, mom went kayaking with Spencer on the lake, grandma got to show off Spencer to all of her friends during lunchtime, and Jim & I escaped to Karl & Heather's house for a few days to relax. Here are a couple of pictures in the kayak.

Our return to Houston brought us right back into some favorites - much to Spencer's delight - a birthday party on Saturday and Splashtown on Sunday.

Some of our recent laughs from Spencer have been when he thinks we're pulling his leg and just smiles and says, "no, that's not right! you're teasing me!"

And Spencer's teacher confided in us on Friday afternoon that his favorite little girlfriend M seems to have found a new pal to replace Spencer. :( Maybe she felt abandonded while we were away so long. We'll see if they reconnect this week, or if Spencer sets his sights somewhere else.

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