Wednesday, July 26, 2006

potty talk

Just when I was going to blog I thought we had turned the corner on potty training, Spencer had two accidents yesterday. He only had one all of last week, and it was during naptime (yes, we are diaper-less for naps now - scary.) And then two in one day. Sigh. I don't think 'turned the corner' is even the right term, as this is a gradual process, but after two and a half months we have certainly come around the bend. Over the weekend he started announcing in advance that he needed to use the potty, without us having to constantly ask him. And another big plus was learning to pee standing up! Whoo hoo! I am hoping this will make it easier in public too.

On the subject of pee and poop and potties, I am completed addicted to the new show Dirty Jobs. I think I've seen five episodes (read: fifteen icky jobs) in the past 24 hours, during which I have never been so thankful there is no smell on television, or laughed so hard as Mike tries to crack jokes with folks who sometimes don't find humor in the situtation. Like asking the ancient Maryland crab fisherman about using chicken necks as bait, "don't those crabs wonder what a land-walking creature like a chicken is doing under the sea?" And received the flat response, "oh no, those crabs have never seen a chicken before." Or watching him try to keep a straight face as the young exterminator in Louisiana explains the natural balance of religion and nature and pests as he proudly holds up a huge dead mouse snapped in a trap.

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