Tuesday, September 05, 2006

big boy bed

This weekend we *finally* made the move. After talking it up for a while now, Spencer transitioned from his crib to his very own twin bed. I took him to the store to pick up sheets and waterproof mattress pads and rails to prevent him from rolling out. The first nap didn't go that well - no crying, but he was more content to hang out in his chair than in his bed. Evening was fairly painless - of course it didn't hurt that we were out a little later, plus he had skipped his nap! Around 9:15pm last night, after being asleep for nearly two hours, Spencer emerged from the hallway clutching a book and a blanket and his puppy. I was sitting on the couch watching tv as he shuffled past me; his eyes all squinty as he said "mommy, you need to turn off the light, it's too bright here." Um, Spencer... you need to go back to sleep. It's night time. "No mommy, I already slept. Now it's time to play." Jim and I tried so hard to keep from laughing out loud. But Spencer knew he was still tired and didn't fight it when I put my hands on his shoulders and walked him back to the bedroom and tucked him in again.

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