Wednesday, September 10, 2003

For some reason, I don't want to think of myself being a victim of the "classic" pregnancy symptoms. I still knock on wood everytime someone asks about nauseau and I can say that I got to skip that one. Yesterday Jim said that I was guilty of having food cravings and I didn't like hearing that. Truth be told, I have definitely had a yearning for something sweet after each meal. Last night, coupled with laziness of not wanting to drive back to the grocery store, I made this macaroon recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth because I had everything on hand. (Although I did adjust the recipe down because I only had two eggs in the house.) They did the trick, but they were a bit too crunchy on the outside, and didn't follow the classic formula of making a merengue base first. I think nothing is as good as the recipe in Rosie's cookbook - Bari's personal favorite, for sure! And, truth be told about another pregnancy symptom, I have been victim to heartburn occasionally in the evenings. Sigh. I think I was definitely unprepared in just how many different ways my body would change, beyond simply getting bigger.

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