Thursday, March 24, 2005


That's more or less how Spencer pronouces the word "grapes." And he says it very deliberately, making sure to get the "ps" sound just right. Currently, grapes are one of his favorite foods, and he delights in naming each handful as it makes its way from plate to mouth. Last Friday, Jim and I picked up Spencer after school together. While heading down busy 1960, Spencer started saying "mips, mips, mips." Grapes? Grapes?? Sounds like he's saying grapes?? Why the heck is he saying that?? "Car," or "truck," or "flower" is what we usually hear during car rides. Then, with great understanding and an even bigger grin, I spied the Olive Garden restaurant across the road - with a giant bunch of grapes on the logo above the entrance! Spencer wins again!

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