Thursday, March 24, 2005

Purim Rocks

Tonight we went to celebrate Purim at temple and Spencer had an absolute blast! I was pleased that Spencer's belly was able to still (barely) fit into his Elvis costume from Halloween. Mistaken identity plays a major role in the story of Esther which is read on Purim, and traditionally everyone wears costumes to temple. As before, Spencer delighted many folks, and was even cuter this time around as he was able to walk and dance, looking extra cool sporting his sneakers with flashing lights mom brought earlier this month. While reading the story of Purim, every time the name of villan Haman is mentioned, it is drowned out with graggers (noisemakers.) On the car ride down, we practiced by saying "Haman - BOOOOOO" and Spencer thought this was a fabulous new game. When it came time to read the story and Haman's name was mentioned, the noise from the congregation would cause Spencer to jump with surprise (every time!) and then immediately break into a huge smile and laugh and try to figure out how to twirl his gragger to join in the noise-making. After the reading was the traditional Purim play, which is a re-telling of the story with some fun! Our temple seems to always do it up right! Past years have included themes such as The Beatles, Grease, and even Harry Potter. This year it was done with characters of Shrek, including a whole new slew of unique songs. Afterwards we enjoyed Hamantaschen, and Spencer zonked out in the car on the ride home. Tonight was the first time since he was tiny that he stayed up later than 8:00... we'll see when he wakes up in the morning! A few pics from this evening have been added to the end of the Purim photo album.

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