Monday, March 28, 2005

weekend o' Spencer

I did make it to pilates class again on Saturday, but by 10:30am, the weekend was all about Spencer. We brought him to play at Collins Park and a picnic lunch on Saturday, and yesterday we enjoyed the cooler temps and gusty winds at the Zoo. He was a little more interested in the animals than our last trip three months ago, making lots of spontaneous signs when he spied animals he recognized. But I wasn't quite sure what to tell him about animals not found in his books - like meerkats and okapi. Smiling at the ocelots, Spencer proudly signed "cat" and I could only enthusiastically reply "that's right!" He had a blast in the petting zoo, toddling around holding a brush and gently brushing each goat he came across. At home, we let him brush his own hair at each morning, so he has gotten very good at it. And did try to use the animal brush on his hair once or twice, thank goodness he was wearing a hat!

And I had no idea that Jim had been working on numbers with Spencer. I was absolutely speechless when I heard them read a counting book together and Spencer knew SEVEN numbers between one and ten! I was floored. He is still missing "one," and no matter how many times we try to prompt him to repeat the word when we say "one" he always quickly responds "TWO!"

A few more pics from the weekend have been added on to the end of the now huge March album.

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