Monday, May 23, 2005

Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia

"Here Come the ABC's" arrived today (pretty darn quick for free shipping!) and the Alphabet of Nations is one of my favorites so far, along with E Eats Everything. Spencer likes the scat feel on Rolling O, and often says "yeah!" and claps during the songs, and says and signs "more!" inbetween tracks! Very fun!

Over the weekend we went to Splashtown for the first time. Man was it awesome! Spencer and I spent hours hanging out at Crocodile Isle. After a few trips down the slides with me, he enjoyed going on them alone (although he did squeal like a girl a few times!) The afternoon there wiped him out COMPLETELY! He crashed for a late afternoon nap in the car ride home, and woke up on the way to dinner. He simply sat at the table with us with eyes half open, and mostly too tired to even eat. It was very pathetic. But I can't wait to go back with him again!

Sunday was an indoor (AC!) day at the Children's Museum catching up with Tracy and almost 1 year-old Aurelie. But, before that trip, we enjoyed some more swimming (or as Spencer says "mimming") in the morning in the new pool I picked up at CostCo. He simply outgrew the infant pool which was so perfect for him last summer. :(

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