Sunday, May 01, 2005

back in tx

I am completely exhausted right now. Spencer was an ace on the plane ride home, but I am still wiped out. He was so sad to say goodbye to "mama" (poor guy got upset every time she went into another room!) and I know she was equally sad too.

The week ended at the same pace it had gone on since we arrived. More visits with friends: back to Penny's and across the street to his little girlfriend Emiliana, and family: lunch and a playdate with pop, and visit from cousin Carol and Bob from Philly, and of course more time with Spencer's great-grandma. I got a great picture of her reading to him that has been added to the album from our trip this Passover. During that visit we also discovered that Spencer loves asparagus soup. As he drank it from a cup, he annouced "MMMMM" in between each mouthful.

I have been sick as a dog, and have no idea how I will make it back to work tomorrow. Although I'm looking forward to a bit of a rest when Spencer goes back to school tomorrow, I will definitely miss the litte guy more having had him by my side practically 24x7 for the last ten days!

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