Sunday, May 15, 2005


Man, I haven't been this beat (when feeling healthy!) in a long time. We were on the go all weekend, spending much of it outdoors. Saturday morning we left to spend some time at a nearby playground, then down to the Art Car Parade. We ran into Katie, which was ironic because the last time we were there was when she and Audra and I were actually in the parade in 2002. Spencer was not quite sure what to make of the whole event. He recognized tons of objects/animals, but was visibly confused by the size/shape of many of them. Such as a larger-than-life mouse car, upside down cars, and flowers driving down the street. Here are pictures from this weekend's parade. After spending time in the heat, we enjoyed some AC at Joel & Julie's who graciously allowed us to park in their driveway, just a block away from the parade route. Then headed over to a bbq at Pete's (the only other Carleton grad I have ever known besides my sister, who then became a classmate of Katie at UH Law) with the rest of Jim's hockey buddies and their wives and kiddos. Spencer's eyes were practically closing on him as he played in the sandbox, so we said our goodbyes early and headed home. We promised, as we always do, to make dinner plans with some of his teammates and I really hope we can follow through. We have such a good time hanging out together at the parties, but those only happen a few times a year.

Today we discovered that Spencer seems to have outgrown his kiddie pool from last summer. It was still fun for him to sit and and play around, but he could rest his head on one of the inflatable walls and his feet on opposite side! After drying off, and a brief nap (Spencer only) we all went to a MBA graduation party/first birthday party for one of Jim's co-workers (and his son.) Spencer had a BLAST playing with someone else's toys for a few hours in the afternoon! And we caught up with Aunt Ronnee for dinner, who showered him with toys and books and clothes.

Now I'm beat. Finally relaxing on the couch, while asparagus soup is simmering on the stove. (This is the recipe mom made in NY that Spencer though was so delicious.) Just one last step to puree it, and then maybe an hour or so of relaxation before bed, and then the week starts all over again...

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