Friday, June 10, 2005

He's a big boy, still

The nurse and the doctor were quite pleased at Spencer's 18 month visit yesterday. He continues to grow exactly along the 80% curve for both height and weight - a little over 33 inches and a little over 28 pounds. They were very impressed at his developmental milestones, as Spencer rattled off shapes and colors and counted a little bit. (He still starts his counting at "two!") It's been obvious how signing with him early on has helped to build the impressive vocabulary he has today. Earlier this week I gave a promotional talk about Baby Signs® Programs to a new moms support group at the hospital where Spencer was born. They were so excited to get started, and I expect that many will show up at the next scheduled workshop for parents. Another woman called out of the blue to sign up for the workshop and it turns out that she lives in an adjacent subvision, so it was easier for me to drop the kit off at her house instead of bringing it to the Post Office! She was delighted, and couldn't wait to get started!

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