Monday, June 06, 2005

weekend wrap up

Man, I do need to blog more often. Friday evening was lovely as Spencer gave me big (& loud!) unsolicited kiss while getting into his PJ's. But later at night as Jim and I were heading to bed, Spencer began sobbing and through the tears we heard "all done!" We knew something wasn't right, and as soon as we opened the door we smelled the puke. Poor guy got another bath, and we stayed up another few hours with him while he continued to puke. Not fun. By 8:00am Saturday he was back to his chipper self and we headed off to our first play class together at the YMCA which he LOVED. Jim was able to buy wood for one last play room project (not sure what it will be, as it has morphed from a bookshelf, to a bench, to a window seat to built-in bookshelfs plus a seat!)

Saturday night we went to Rice to socialize with MBA classmates. It's exciting and becoming very real! We met some new folks who will be part of Jim's class of 2007, and connected with a few HP people who have now hit the halfway point towards their date in 2006. We stopped off for a quick beer to celebrate Todd's 30th b-day. It felt so great to be out socializing like an adult for the evening!

Spencer and I had a fabulous afternoon meeting up with friends at Splashtown yesterday, but things had taken a turn south for Jim. While Spencer was ill for less than 12 hours, the bug managed to take Jim down for the count. Why do we ALWAYS get it 10x worse than him? I'm still feeling ok, but so far the pattern usually flows Spencer --> Jim --> me. So I'm just enjoying my time of feeling healthly. I can't deal with another two weeks of feeling horrible like last time. That was just too awful.

Today is Spencer's first full day at his new school. We went three times last week for about an hour each time, so the environment is hopefully familiar to him. I have had my fingers crossed that the sprinkles we drove through on the way there will not keep the kids from water play, as Spencer was super-excited (albeit a bit confused) to put on his suit first thing in the morning. He was unhappy when I left this morning, and I'm hoping that when I call to check in later today they will tell me he has been having a wonderful time.

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