Wednesday, June 29, 2005

we're back!

Well, we're not all back quite yet, but tomorrow things should settle down - at least for one week until travel picks up again. Tonight was the first time since the previous post that Spencer took a bath back in his own tub. We've had a whirlwind of a month, with visits from Jim's grandpa and mom, house guests which included Karl and my dad, an opportunity to catch up with Stacie during a brief trip back to the states from London, and our family vacation to Cancun with Spencer. What finally prompted Jim's grandpa to fly to TX was to make a trip to Lubbock to visit the Silent Wings Museum which was opened a couple years ago to commemorate pilots who flew gliders during the war. Here are pictures from the museum visit. We have also created a separate album for miscellaneous June pictures, including many from Stacie's visit with her daughter Kate (two months younger than Spencer) and a couple of Karl and pop. We did take pop to Splashtown with us, but no pics from that trip. And, most recently we have returned from five days in Cancun with Spencer. I'm not sure it is all that 'relaxing' to vacation with your toddler, but we had great fun introducing him to the beach and the ocean. And I am happy to report that we had great weather every day (it poured the morning we left) and no one got any sunburns. Here are (a lot of) pictures from our vacation to Cancun. I have to confess, there was nothing cuter than Spencer saying "Hola!" to the folks down there! And the women at Baby Club where he spent a few hours one day were pleased that he knew to ask for "agua!" He was a great flyer (fingers crossed he does well when I fly solo with him to NY next month) but chasing Spencer around a resort for a few days has left Jim and I wanting our own vacation. Plus, both of us used our leisure reading time to read Jim's required books for business school. The two I read I found absolutely fascinating: "Sam Walton, Made in America" and "Nuts!" which tells the story of Southwest Airlines' success. With the Rice MBA program kicking off in July, I think our getaway will have to wait until a break in courses at the end of the year.

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