Monday, May 22, 2006


It's been such a while since the last post, and so many things have happened. We're still trying to sort everything out, but here are the highlights, and lowlights.

The Good:
- Spencer has been accident-free for over a week now (excluding sleeping when he wears a diaper.) I know writing this will interrupt his good progress
- We had a fabulous family outing last weekend to enjoy the art car parade and took some pictures of "all the crazy cars!" I was a bit anxious leading up to the event with the whole potty thing, but got there in time to secure a good place to watch and not too far away from the port-o-potties, including a nice, big handicapped-accessible one which Spencer used three times during our outing.
- This past weekend we had more fun together riding the trains at Zube Park and seeing tons of friends, and a family outing to pick blackberries at the King's Orchard.

The Bad:
- Spencer caught some stomach virus that was going around his school and got quite sick last Wednesday night. He vomited every half hour or so from seven until midnight. Our washer and dryer ran constantly for five hours washing bedsheets, PJs and his bedtime buddies (thank goodness he had at least one to cuddle each time we put him back to sleep.) Poor Spencer was not having fun and kept saying "I don't want to throw up any more." But he woke up just fine on Thursday, took a three hour nap in the afternoon, and was refreshed enough to return to school on Friday.

The ugly:
- Friends of ours suffered a house fire yesterday. Thankfully no one was injured. They, along with their two young sons, will be displaced for many months while it is being cleaned up and repaired.

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