Monday, May 01, 2006

Splashtown is open!

Spencer and I checked it out yesterday and had a blast! Thank goodness they don't operate on the "Memorial Day to Labor Day" schedule. That made sense growing up in NY, but it ridiculous here in Houston because it is definitely swimming season already! I was thrilled because now Spencer is tall enough and steady enough to play in the water more than three feet away from me - so it was nice to wait at the bottom of the slide while he scrambled around and climbed up over and over again!

Saturday night we celebrated Lori being 50 and, more importantly, being cancer-free for five years. Yippee! After the party was my late night hockey game and since it was a consolation we were a little short on the bench and Jim was able to help fill in. It was the first time we were on the ice together in more than three years.

Today is Day 1 of potty training for Spencer. Unfortunately, he woke up in a foul mood this morning. He didn't want to eat his yogurt and didn't want to wear the underwear he has been so excited about all week. He looked so darn grown up wearing briefs and carrying his Thomas the Train backpack (loaded with six sets of extra clothes!) And, turns out his best friend M at school is also starting potty training today too! I hope they help each other through this!

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