Sunday, April 04, 2004

Another nice day to round out the weekend. Spencer & I joined Katie, Chris & others for a potluck picnic down in Hermann park this afternoon. The weather was spectacular, and again Spencer was quite well-behaved. (Spitting up all over himself and Kevin wasn't the smoothest, but it wasn't a disaster.) Spencer really seemed to enjoy being outside: listening to the birds, starting at trees and people, and feeling the nice breeze blow across his body. He did NOT like the ultra-loud whistle on the train that runs around the park/zoo complex. The first time he heard it he was completely startled and instantly started to wail. Poor baby. During subsequent passes, we held him close and covered his ears, and he fared much better. Some pictures from this afternoon have been added to the April photo album. And you can see Spencer displaying his newest hobby - starting at his left hand.

Today Spencer is four months old! And tomorrow we go to his doctor to get the next round of vaccinations. As well as get him weighed and measured to find out just how big our little man actually is!

And - forgot to mention that young Spencer made the newsletter at school AGAIN! (Kind of incredible to be listed two times in a month when there are over 60 children!) He was the only member of the infant room who was 'dressed up' silly for April Fool's Day.

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