Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A few follow ups -

Check out how this auction ended up! Over six MILLION people have viewed it to date, and the winning bid was three times the original price!

Stacie has shared her photos from Tracy's visit this past weekend. We still need Tracy to share hers, which include a great one of her holding both babies. And still can't wait to see the one from last year with Stacie & I both pregnant, hugging each other. Tracy did bring a hilarious book for us "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Parenting" which I highly recommend as it provided tons of laughs. We also enjoyed reading aloud from 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, trying to see how many of the US locations we have been to, or at least heard of!

Today we learned that the eight week old girl who was supposed to start in Spencer's class on Monday won't be coming after all. Turns out her mom changed her mind and will be staying home. Totally understandable, but hey - better ratio for Spencer and the others until that spot is filled!

Spencer has two new tricks up his sleeve these days. His favorite activity is to be pulled up to a seated position from lying down. He grabs onto your fingers and uses his muscles to hold his head up as you raise his torso. Once he's upright, though, he's not quite sure what to do. His other favorite activity is reach and grabbing. You no longer have to put a toy in his hand; when something comes into his field of vision (dangled above his head, or placed on his chest) he moves boths hands in and grabs on. Pretty neat, eh? Still hasn't rolled over (dislikes extended tummy time, so there aren't a ton of opportunities) and isn't interested in eating cereal. We keep trying every few days. He just holds it there on his tongue for a few seconds, then pushes it out.

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