Sunday, April 04, 2004

Saturday was such a fabulous day in the life of Spencer! I can't really recall him being fussy at all during the day and it was incredibly pleasant. After Spencer had gotten up from a nice long morning nap, Stacie called to say hi and catch up, and was able to interrupt her errands to come by with 9 week-old Katie for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The two babies sure seemed to enjoy checking each other out, and I couldn't believe how much she had grown since our last visit 5 weeks ago! Spencer was in rare form as he almost seemed to entertain himself, putting on a great show of giggles and talking to show off his big boy skills. We'll be sure to see each other again in three more weeks when Tracy is in town to visit.

In the evening we ate out at Cafe Red Onion with Lori & Jack, and Spencer was very well behaved there as well. The place was hopping, and the baby enjoyed staring around at everyone. We made it home in time for bath, and then off to bed. Overall - a great day!

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