Thursday, April 01, 2004

For April Fool's Day today we sent Spencer to school with his clothes all mis-matched & inside out. None of the other babies were dressed silly, but the teachers there in the morning definitely appreciated his effort! (The teachers in the afternoon didn't quite get it, and turned his clothes rightside out!)

Yesterday Carol & Brian came over for dinner and we spent the last part of the afternoon beforehand enjoying the glorious weather with our little boys on a blanket on the front lawn. Our neighbor came by to say hi, and said that she and her husband had just had the 'baby talk' the night before. She updated us that they were taking the day off from work today to bring their dog to a behavioral specialist to work on his incessant barking. I was glad to know there were aware how disruptive it has become, but saddened to find out that one of our other neighbors was particularly rude to them about it. Dinner last night were new chicken and potato recipes from which mom had forwarded.

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