Saturday, April 02, 2005

April in Houston

Today was a reminder of just how perfect April can be in Houston - temps right around 70, bright blue skies with no clouds, and ridiculous amounts of sunshine. I felt a bit guilty dropping Spencer at childwatch while I started the day with Pilates, but I knew we had big plans in store so it was ok. Afterwards we wandered over to the fields to the annual YMCA Healthy Kids Day, and our Y sure seemed to do it up right. Spencer was most pleased by the abundance of balloons, and demonstrated his newly learned sign for 'train' when we rode on it with other moms and kids around the field. Then off to Brenham. Last year I never made this trip when Spencer was little, a bit worried about driving around aimlessly with an infant. But this year I was armed with specific info from other mommies about "prime spots" for flower pictures. Unfortunately, armpit-high wildflowers made Spencer less than pleased, but I kept snapping away. We even stopped in at Blue Bell Creamery - I failed to deliver on my promise to Spencer that we were going to see cows, but I think sharing my ice cream made up for it! Here are more than a few pictures from a gorgeous day in Houston/Brenham.

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