Saturday, April 09, 2005

great weather

Our fabulous April weather in Houston continues. Spencer and I went to Collins Park this morning for our monthly meet up group with other signing babies and toddlers (and their parents.) I expressed my frustration about the lack of financial commitment for the upcoming workshop on Monday. Lots of people have called/emailed they plan to come but haven't "sealed the deal." I just hung up the phone with a kind man in Colorado who paid for his son and daughter-in-law to attend. He saw the article in Life Magazine that ran in late February and had called me back then to find out how soon they could sign up! With one exception, everyone who I have talked to on this topic has nothing but positive things to say, believes in the documented benefits, etc., but I guess the word is just slower to spread here in Texas, compared to the area around theBaby Signs home office in northern California. When our signing toddler group broke up, Spencer and I hung around and ate a picnic lunch in the sunshine at the top of the hill. He tried to follow me as I ran up and down, but he decided that going down was too steep for him. So he turned around to put his hands on the ground, backed down on all fours for a few steps, stood up and tried to walk forwards, before deciding he needed to turn around and bend down to use his hands again. It was too funny for words. Some pictures from today have been added to the new April album.

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