Monday, April 25, 2005

Passover 2005

I have to confess that I scoffed at mom last month when she said we needed to hurry up and make travel plans because they flights were going to be very full for Passover. She was exactly right - the flight was completely booked and it seemed the entire plane was filled with people travelling to NY to celebrate Passover with their families.

I feel awful that I did not take any pictures of the seder we went to at Harriet's, or the seder we hosted here last night. Both evenings were wonderful (and Spencer looked too adorable all dressed up and wearing a bib that said 'matzoh baby' on the font!) I still can't believe that we had fourteen people here in mom's little house last night.

Jim is back in Houston, and unfortunately missed our visit to see cousins in NJ this morning. I did make sure to take some pictures of Spencer and his cousins.

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