Wednesday, April 13, 2005

still teething

Spencer's big molars are a big pain - literally. Poor guy has been off of his game for over a week now. He hurts (knows the sign and has been using it, along with the word, quite often this week) and he cries a lot. He wakes up wailing during the night, wanting medicine and to be held. This evening, our olympic eater wanting nothing for dinner - no food, no milk. He cried and begged through the tears "UP!" to be picked up and held in my lap. (Which made eating dinner a bit of a challenge for me!) As I sit here thinking about heading towards bed, the past week's events have reintroduced a familiar and unpleasant feeling I thought was behind us. It is the false sense of security offered by the bed, not knowing when the peace it offers will be interrupted by mid-night cries. Fingers crossed as I head towards the bedroom...

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