Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

At school Spencer has been learning about Dr. King and they even sang happy birthday to him. Spencer also told me that "Dr. Martin Luther King" once said "I have a dream." I hope that as he grows up and learns more about him that the very concept of racial inequality will seem completely ridiculous.

Yesterday Spencer and I headed out early to watch the Houston Marathon and cheer on our friends Michelle and Andy who were running. With a course map and live updates from the web (from Jim,) we zig-zagged around the city and were able to show our support waving and cheering every couple of miles during the second half of the course. It was exciting to be part of such a big event. Spencer was great at practicing his cheering "Go Andy! Go Michelle! You can do it!" After they ran by Spencer would ask "wanna see them again?" So we'd get back in the car and drive to a new intercept location. When we saw them afterwards wearing their medals and FINISHER jerseys, he gave Michelle a big hug and said "You did it!!"

Planet lesson from Spencer on Friday: "We live in the Milky Way."

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