Thursday, January 12, 2006

nap mats

I've been feeling like an awful mom ever since I found out last week that many of his classmates at school have big quilted blankets and pillow rolls. They are called all-in-one nap mats. Or something like that. And I never knew they existed. After a numbing hour surfing the net, I was frustrated, and in sticker-shock! Plenty of stay-at-home moms selling them online, and a few online retailers, but practially no stores carried them. After losing one ebay auction, I bit the bullet and went to a hoity-toity baby gift shop in Champions at lunchtime to fork over nearly $50. But now Spencer is the proud owner of a fabulous grey quilted mat roll with colorful power tools printed all over, and a charcoal fleece blanket attached along one edge. When he got home this evening he was so excited to lay on it and put his head on the pillow and have Jim cover him with the cozy blanker. I know I certainly could have made him one from scratch, but I just couldn't bear for him to go without one for another day.

Today's planet lesson from Spencer: "Mecury is a planet too. We live on Earth."

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