Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Second and third celebrity sighting in Vegas: Paris Hilton. We (Jim) practically bumped shoulders with her Friday afternoon while shopping in Caesar's Palace. I completely missed the fact that we had walked right by her, but as Jim explained, "don't look for celebrities because they blend in, but the bodyguards stand out!" A few hours later that evening, I nearly collided with her inside the casino at the Venetian. Seeing the same famous person up close (very close) two times in one day was unexpected. Maybe we need a bodyguard to keep her from following us around! ;)

We came up with a short list of what we believe Spencer's favorite things to do and see in Vegas would include:
- The fountains at Bellagio. Heck, Even I had a blast watching five shows.
- The many escalators inside the casinos and outside on the strip. We think he'd have an absolute blast endlessly doing two-footed jumps down as they moved up.
- The extensive amount of construction equipment always present, working on the next new hotel.
- The tigers at the Mirage and the sharks at Mandalay Bay, can't go wrong with animals.
- The casinos themselves would provide and endless source of stimulation from lights and sounds. But I think it will be quite a while before he sees those!
- Buffets!

We made it back to Houston in time to have dinner with Spencer, and ring in the new year playing Mah Jong with mom and Ellen. We took a break at midnight to see the spectacle in and around our neighborhood. It's been a great start to what we hope will be a great 2006!

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