Sunday, May 02, 2004

Spencer rolled over today! And he seemed pretty happy about the whole event, too! I captured the tail end of his second roll over one video, and waited patiently for a third, but Spencer decided he was done. The milestone took place at Chuck & Angie's house. Spencer and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather during the one mile walk each way. Their 15 month old daughter, Ashleigh, must have said "baby" at least one hundred times - she thought Spencer was pretty cool.

I forgot to say Happy Queens Day on Friday to my coworkers & friends in Amsterdam. During a conference call last week, we could hear some of the festivities already underway in the background.

That evening we met up with Heath & Kim & Chloe for dinner and a visit. Spencer's bath drew quite a crowd, and he proved once again that he is not quite ready to eat cereal from a spoon.

Shortly before Spencer was born our dishwasher died and it was more cost-effective to buy a new one than to spend money on the expensive replacement parts. (Having a quiet dishwasher now is very nice, I have to admit.) Jim did all of the work himself. Right now, he's in the kitchen saving the day as a handyman again. Last week, our microwave developed an interesting new feature: it would turn ON when the door was opened! After doing some investigation and research, he picked up a new microwave and will be finishing the install momentarily.

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