Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Spencer update - our poor little baby got the sniffles for the first time this weekend. I had expected him to catch something the first week he was in school, but he stayed strong and lasted four complete weeks before things caught up with him. Luckily, there was no fever, but Spencer had a big time runny nose and was a little off his game. He didn't nap so well during the daytime, and his body was so tired by Sunday evening that he literally fell asleep during his bath! We kept him upright in his swing overnight to help with drainage, which helped him to sleep for nice long stretches overnight and get the rest he needed. By Monday morning he was doing well enough to go back to school. (I, on the other hand, seemed a bit under the weather. Forgot about the fact that kids will pass along crud to their parents.)

Friday night I felt very hip as Girl's Night met out for dinner at a restaurant that hadn't even been open for a month. The menu at Chatter's in the heights had many interesting choices and perhaps I'll get a chance to return, but I know it's not likely. And last night was Mommy's Night up on this side of town. We ate at Baker Street Pub, which had decent food, but it was too smoky and I don't plan to return there to eat. I accidentally went to BJ's first, and that place seems very cool. Perhaps a lunch destination in the near future for Jim & I. (No links for any of these restaurants - I guess they are all a bit too new to appear on citysearch just yet.)

Saturday morning was the polymer clay class I had been looking forward to all month. There was only one other person in the class besides me, so we were able to move a decent clip and learn a lot. I'm pretty pleased with the end result of the pen I created. Still don't think it's a hobby I want to get into, but it was fun to play around.

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