Friday, June 11, 2004

After Tuesday's visit to Spencer's pediatrician, we have made a much greater effort this week to try and feed him solid foods on a more consistent basis. We have abandoned the idea of home-made food for the short term, fearing that something he ate may have been the cause of his rounds of vomiting. We plan to stick with commercially prepared baby food until we are through 'stage 1' and Spencer's body has begun to adjust. So far, he has been enjoying breakfasts & dinners with rice cereal, sweet potatoes and applesauce. We'll bump him up to three meals a day over the weekend, and (probably) begin to let them feed him one meal at school starting next week.

Yesterday (and every Thursday this summer) is 'water play' for the infants. Jim said it was quite cute indeed seeing all of the babies wearing their little swimsuits and ready to go. We'll take pictures next week.

Alexa's newest word is "illegal." I'm not sure why, or who taught her that.

I *finally* got around to trying to mail Kimi's wedding gift off yesterday, only to learn that it would cost $117 to ship, AND she would likely be subject to paying tariffs (i.e. bribes) once it arrives in Dubai. Hmmmm...

And since it's Friday and folks may be sloughing off at work, here is a link to a mindlessly entertaining game Deena had sent quite a while back.

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