Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The book Georgie recommended which I ordered while in NY arrived today: "Too Much of a Good Thing Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age" So far I've already completed the first section, and although the theories aren't earthshattering, the data is absolutely fascinating. It really forces you to stop and think - I will have to keep this book out and remember to re-read it every year as Spencer grows up.

In the meanwhile, there are still small issues to be dealt with while Spencer is an infant. Jim and I are not big fans of one of the women in the infant room in the mornings. She just doesn't seem to love being there as much as everyone else does. She acts a bit 'sloppy' too: occassionally forgetting to relay messages to the woman in charge in the afternoon, accidentally mixed up nipples and put a 'high flow' one on Spencer's bottle when they came back from the dishwasher, and this morning I observed her feeding one toddler's cereal to another. It's almost embarrassing, in a way. (But after reading Jenn's post today I realize there is something to be gained by being open about personal/private topics.) We did a lot of research when selecting Spencer's school, and you would think that for $10k/year the care-givers would be top notch. For Spencer's sake, we could not remain silent. We were assured that there would be some conversations to take place tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be Spencer's first day of water play at school - we've got the swim diapers ready to go!

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