Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Mom and Spencer are out for a walk now. Not sure exactly where, but they've been gone for about 45 minutes, which gave me time to take a shower in peace which was very nice.

Traveling with Spencer has been a bit tough. Jim and I being sick last Friday on the flight to Pittsburgh was miserable. Holding a cranky infant on your lap who didn't sleep and needed constant entertainment (when all we wanted to do was crawl in bed and rest) was incredibly draining. When we landed in Pittsbugh and met Jim's mom in the city for dinner, the waitresses at the nearly empty Italian restaurant all fought to take turns holding him, which allowed the three of us to have a wonderfully relaxing meal in peace. Back at the hotel, Grandma Sandy shared many, many adorable "big boy" outfits that should fit Spencer later this summer. Plus a little flight bomber jacket which we expect he'll be able to wear this winter. Too cute!

On Saturday we introduced Spencer to his Great Grandpa, Jim's mother's father. (His late wife Jane is for whom Spencer's middle name "Jacob" was chosen.) It was absolutely spectaular weather-wise and Spencer was more or less in a good mood most of the time which made the whole day that much more pleasant.

After saying goodbye on Sunday morning, we re-boarded another ERJ for Newark. The flight consisted of us, one businessman, one elderly couple and approximately 35-40 young Jewish teenagers getting ready to spend the next few weeks in Israel. It was entertaining to listen to them so full of energy at the start of what would be a very, very long day. Spencer was a champ on this flight: nursed a bit then fell asleep before takeoff, and stayed down the entire hour we were in the air. After a good ride home to Chappaqua, we were able to set up camp here at mom's house. Great-grandma Evelyn came over in the evening, along with my sister Deena who *finally* got to see her nephew for the first time. Spencer was a big fussy-pants most of the night and did not make a very good impression.

On Memorial Day we had every intention of taking Spencer out to the parade which went right by the end of the block, but we were not able to get mobilized in time. Probably for the best, as the fire engine noise may have frightened the young baby. Deena and I met up with pop at Starbucks later in the afternoon to catch up for a short visit.

Last night mom had "the girls" over. Spencer was on his best behavior and flirted like mad with everyone. He cooed and giggled, and sat happily in a bouncy on the floor next to the table while we enjoyed dinner. After we ate, Spencer bathed in front of an audience - quite a show, as Georgie even brought her wine & some cheese in to watch him kick and splash and have a grand old time!

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