Monday, June 07, 2004

How did the week go so fast that we are back in Houston already? On Saturday mom and I took Spencer to storytime at the Chappaqua library. The librarian read books and sang some nursery rhymes. Spencer thought it was great for about 5 minutes, and then became a little impatient about sitting still. We'll try again on our next trip (attending an infant-only class) and see how that goes. At the nearby Strawberry Festival mom picked up some cool pottery for next to nothing: ceramic students had a big 'studio cleanup' and instead of throwing things away, they sold them at a booth to raise money for a local women's' shelter.

I bet Spencer can not wait to see his friends again! Friday evening before his bathtime we walked across the street to visit neighbors that used to live in mom's house and their three little girls. They could not get enough of him, especially 3 1/2 year Emiliana just wanted to practically eat him up. I tried not to laugh as she (at 30+ pounds) was asking if she could hold Spencer!

On our flight back home yesterday, Spencer was the best little traveler! He took two little naps early, and although required more entertainment at the end, he was still quiet, more or less, for the rest of the ride. A couple of strangers even made sure to compliment us on what a good traveler he was. Jim had originally been upgraded to first class, but it wasn't hard for him to convince the passenger seated next to me (middle seat, row 20, on a completely full plane) to trade places!

Unfortunately, the evening was capped off on a sour note as Spencer projectile-vomited again. This time we gave more serious consideration to what he ate when we got home, bananas, but he had successfully eaten bananas three times in NY. So, that didn't make much sense. Maybe baby bananas are 'different' than regular ones? We considered that perhaps the bottled water used to thin the mashed fruit caused the problem, as it was opened the night he got sick before we left (but then that doesn't explain Jim & I getting sick the following day if it was a food reaction.) It happens to have been our gallon of "Y2K water" that we had never opened. Can water go 'bad'? It that just silly? As I type now, I'm watching Spencer sleep sweetly in his swing, as we decided to keep him upright for the rest of the evening.

Speaking of food, on a good note, I had some great desserts over the weekend, including some white cherries, fresh cannolis from the best little Italian bakery in town. And, the most awesome creme brulee cheesecake cupcake mom picked up from Susan Lawrence. Yum!

Here are pictures from the whole trip.

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