Thursday, June 03, 2004

Yesterday Jim had the chance to get up to Westchester and it was great for Spencer and I to sneak in a visit during the work week, as he has been driving to Jersey from the city every day - ugh. He joined us for lunch, with Irene here as well. In the evening, the two of us snuck out for an indulgent dinner alone (great grandma's treat!) while mom and Spencer played together. We returned as he was finishing up his bath, and seemed to be having another fabulous time in the tub. I know this is not unique to Spencer, but this baby sure does love taking a bath!

Great Grandma Evelyn came over for lunch today and was able to spend some time here in the afternoon as well. She gets such delight out of the little one, and enjoyed being able to lull him to sleep by gently pushing his stroller back and forth. Today Spencer has been taking all his naps in his stroller outside in the beautiful weather. This seems to be work much better for us, as he is able to (finally) get some sleep which wasn't happening the first couple of days in NY. Poor guy has barely had a chance to adjust, being shuffled from place to place. On a positive note, we have been able to successfully re-introduce a sweet potato into his diet during the course of the week. Irene helped feed him yesterday, and I fed him during our lunchtime today while great grandma watched with amusement. This boy sure does love his food! Mom bought baby bananas for the baby which we'll probably puree tomorrow for him. (I consider myself somewhat of a foodie but I have to admit that this was something new to me.)

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