Friday, February 04, 2005

the apprentice

Today in Houston are the open call auditions for the next Apprentice. Not only for the upcoming season to learn under Donald Trump, but they are also interviewing for the new spinoff of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Maybe I should have sent in a ten minute video tape and driven down to the auditions. But then I look at my resume compared to those folks on the website and feel kinda lame.

Actually, I will be passing the audition site shortly as I return to my favorite hair stylist from years back. I stopped going to him when he left the chic salon on this side of town in favor of location inside the loop. But during a holiday party in December I met up with a friend who moved to Austin last year, and learned that she still drives back to Houston to see him. I thought to myself that it really wasn't that big a deal to drive a little bit further (and pay a little bit more) to continue seeing him at the swanky new salon. It's been years since I felt like I had a great cut - I'm so excited for my appointment!

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