Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Baby Signs are everywhere!

Ack! I feel like I'm under pressure to get things rolling. I am now an Indepenedent Certified Instructor to teach Baby Signs programs. I thought I would kind of ease into things and slowly get rolling, but apparently this timing is catching a HUGE wave of publicity. There was a five minute segment on Good Morning America today talking about Baby Signs, and following some of the (now) teenagers that were part of the research in the 80's which helped point to higher IQ scores for signing babies. Plus the signing baby in Meet the Fockers, and Debra Messing has been on the talk show circuit for her new movie and has been plugging the fact that she uses Baby Signs too! I'm still working on a company name, DBA, sales tax permit, website, and finding places to hold some parent workshops ASAP! Ack!

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