Friday, February 18, 2005

Car! Car! Car! Flower! Car! Car!

That's more or less the sounds heard from the backseat as we go driving around these days. Spencer now delights as he identifies everything on the road as a car or truck. And I never noticed how many flowers are planted on the roadside until Spencer started pointing them all out - mall entrances, gas stations, etc.

Today I took a vacation day from work so that Spencer and I could join some other mommy friends and their little ones at Collins Park. When Spencer and I were there two weeks ago they were working on the main play structure, but today it was open again and he had a blast climbing on it. Although it was cool and drizzly, it didn't ruin our picnic fun and I enjoyed getting out and socializing with friends! I dropped Spencer at school for a few hours in the afternoon, and picked him up early so that we could go swimming at the Y before dinner. While there, another mom asked if he was deaf because we were signing to each other. She said she has a very good friend who is deaf and recognized some of the signs. I explained that thankfully Spencer was not, but we use Baby Signs to help bridge the communication until his language skills are stronger. She was impressed at his knowledge. Pictures from today have been added to the end of the February album.

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