Sunday, February 13, 2005


It's been an up and down day for Spencer. We both had a great time this afternoon at the Children's Museum with Marcos, Diane & 13 month old Michael, and Oriol, Tracy & 8 month old Aurelie. I think they may start to join us more frequently for our Sunday afternoon ritual. Once we got home, however, Spencer's teeth got the better of him. He is clearly in the process of cutting a whole bunch and the poor guy was miserable in between orajel applications. Didn't help that we cut him off cold from the bottle this weekend. Spencer has been drinking out of a regular cup for a couple of months now, and it's a bit tiring to keep on washing bottle and treating him like a baby when he's not one. We also had to teach him to drink from a straw for going out in public. (He's good with a cup, but does randomly dump it over or stick his hands in when he decides to play around.) Overall, it seems to be a success to have moved away from the bottle at home, but we'll see how things go at school tomorrow when he sees other kids getting bottles. Mom told the story when they weaned Deena off the bottle: the next weekend they went to a farm and saw the baby animals being fed with bottles which she found to be a bit confusing...

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