Wednesday, February 16, 2005


It's great that Spencer has now turned the corner and is walking. He holds my hand and toddles to get the mail with me, and is pleased as punch when I give him a piece to hold as we walk back to the house. And now he climbs up the steps of the stool Jim built so he can wash his hands in the bathroom sink before dinner (and breakfast if we're too slow in the morning to make it to school for breakfast!)

His newest word and sign is 'flower.' With an arrangement of valentine's day flowers from my two guys (red ones from Jim, and puh-pull ones from Spencer) on the kitchen table, he says and signs the word often throughout his meal. An interesting 'problem' has arisen by signing during mealtime which is that Spencer likes to sign the food he is eating, often in between each bite. On the surface that sounds ok, but the sign for 'apple' involves touching the face, so it contributes to his messiness. And tonight he enjoyed pineapple, but it was no neater of an experience.

And just have to add that this is the first season I have watched American Idol and I am really looking forward to hearing Bo sing again next week!

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