Sunday, July 10, 2005

in NY

Well, Spencer and I made it to NY yesterday, and I have to say that he was a pretty darn good traveller. He fussed a bit on the plane when I thought it should be naptime, but he decided he'd rather keep on watching the signing videos so I indulged him. He decided to stay awake for the entire plane flight, and only sleep for final 30 minutes - closing his eyes as the captain annouced that we were starting our descent in the NY area.

We made our (usual) first stop at grandma's for dinner, and Spencer impressed her with his version of the words "great-grandma!" He showed off all around, acting cute and saying "hello!" to everyone around. Fortunately, he was fairly hungry which translated into well-behaved at the dinner table.

Today was great. My cousin Hedy, Michael and their kids Sophia (8 1/2) and Ethan (6 1/2) stopped by for several hours in the afternoon. They had been at a Bar Mitzvah yesterday and were able to visit while in NY before heading back on to Maryland. Despite their five year gap, Spencer and Ethan seemed to be quite fond of one another. Ethan is thrilled to have a boy cousin (although there is another one on the way next month) but wishes Spencer didn't live in "that other country, Texas." And Spencer was equally delighted to call out "E-tan" to get his attention. They played together with legos, and kicked a soccer ball in the backyard (sort of.)

Spencer was sooo tired that he started saying "sleep" around 6:30. Adjusting for the time zone difference, that's almost an hour and a half earlier than he usually starts his bedtime routine. Nonetheless, we started up his bath, put on pj's, read a story and put him down. He complained for a few short minutes, and was sound alseep by 7:00. Wow.

Tomorrow we're off to Montauk for a few days (back in time for weekly Mah Jong game!) No knowledge of internet connectivity, so probably no photos until the end of the week. Here are a few pics from yesterday and today.

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