Saturday, July 16, 2005

leaving NY

Our trips to NY always seem to fly by, and I can't believe it's already our last night here. Our trip to Montauk in the middle of the week was fun, but not the typically relaxing getaway I remember! We ate well at places like Gosman's and Duryea's and enjoyed some wonderful steamers, shrimp and lobster. Yum! We don't each much seafood at home, so I didn't realize how much Spencer enjoyed it too! (We knew he was a huge fan of boiled shrimp, but he loved everything else too!) We were able to spend one of our days out there visiting Joan & Dean at their spectacular home and swimming in their pool.

Yesterday, after morning storytime at the Chappaqua library, Spencer and I had a quick lunch at Susan Lawrence and were able to catch up with pop for the rest of the day. We went to the Bronx Zoo and had such a good time! We've been to the Houston Zoo before and I know it wasn't that great, so it was wonderful to visit a really nice zoo! Spencer certainly seemed to remember "poppa" from his visit to Houston last mont!

This morning we enjoyed a nice brunch at the house with some of mom's friends who I like to visit with during trips. Penny brought Emma and Jake and later in the afternoon Spencer and I headed over to her house to continue playing.

Pics from the week are in this album.

Tomorrow is another flight. Fingers crossed this one goes as well as the trip up!

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