Saturday, July 23, 2005

still traveling

Nearly another whole week has elapsed, geez. Mom called one night during the week and asked "tell me something cute that Spencer did." but nothing came to mind. I think the next day he provided some good gems. Like when he was eating salmon for dinner, and we told him it was fish, and he looked at the food in his hand as he repeated "fish" and the gave it a kiss! And picking him up from school is always in a big "show-off mode" at the end of the day. He picked up a tissue, said "tissue" and then said "AH-CHOO!" wiped his nose and then walked across the room to throw the tissue in the trash. His teachers and I were hysterical!

We just got back from a Leach family wedding outside of Houston. Spencer was a big hit, showing off his shapes and colors and letters and saying "great-grandma." Definitely had no patience for a service, but said "cheese!" as he smiled for the pictures afterward!

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