Friday, July 29, 2005

almost home

I think I did a good job this week to not dwell on how much I was missing the boys back home, and able to enjoy meeting and learning more about my co-workers from around the US, Canada & Mexico. I have truly enjoyed our hotel with walking access to many wonderful shops and restaurants. Tonight we walked to Krung Thai for dinner and it was quite good. We never eat Thai food at home, mostly because I don't know much about it and only go with others who know how to order.

Last night I drove out to visit Alli and Dave at their place. Not two minutes inside the door Alli blurted out that she's pregnant! I was/am soooo excited for her (and Dave!) So glad to know more of my good friends are becoming mommies. I hope that she will indeed come to Houston to visit for Rice homecoming this year, it will be exciting to visit as she gets closer to the end of the term!

Tomorrow I get to hug Spencer and Jim, and I can't wait!! I have been so happy with Jim sharing pics and video from breakfast and dinner. Seeing Spencer sign "I love mommy" was too awesome.

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